Our Story is Your Story

Firsty Athlete Co. is a brand dedicated to student athletes. Co-Founded by 15 year old Hailey Cox, we understand what it takes to practice, compete, study, and strive to be your very best. Firsty is a brand for every student athlete that aligns with the mantra… “Work. Sweat. Improve. Every Day. Thirst For Your First.”

If this is you: #ImFirsty. We love student athletes.

How It Started

In the Winter of 2019 Hailey and her dad, Tim Cox Jr, were sitting on the couch discussing some challenges Hailey was having in the batter’s box. That conversation led to an idea and months of development. Two months later, the concept of the Align Eight™ was born.

Firsty Athlete Co. became official on June 17th, 2019 as Hailey began to navigate uncharted territory. She was the first female student athlete to present a product for gameplay approval to the National Federation of High School Association’s Baseball Committee. After receiving approval for the Align Eight from the NFHS (Baseball & Softball), a local news station aired a story about Hailey. That video received 350,000 views in 4 days capturing the attention of major retailers and organizations. Since that time, it has been an amazing journey attending presentation meetings, design sessions, and leadership councils.

The Align Eight has since passed NCAA for baseball & softball guidelines and is legal for in-game use at the collegiate level. Firsty has also partnered with USSSA to promote the Align Eight, Firsty HYPRGRIP Premium Bat Tape, and other student athlete designed products. Although intimidating, Hailey remains passionate about challenges ahead. She loves the game of softball and has started diving into the world of CrossFit. New adventures lead to new passions – burpees are the enemy!

Hailey, along with her friend Faith Walsh, created a hashtag to represent what it takes to break barriers, tackle new ground, and succeed – #MakinThatOmelet (Yes we trademarked it!) Life is like an omelet, use your best ingredients to get best results. You can follow it or be a part of it.

Our Vision

I want to pioneer a new path for student athletes to contribute to the sports they love. – Hailey Cox

Our passion is to build a brand that inspires, challenges, and supports student athletes in their quest to be the very best they can be on and of the playing surface. Through innovative equipment, positive apparel, & social presence – Firsty is committed to doing it different.

We have founded the Firsty Platform to help achieve Hailey’s vision of pioneering a new road. A percentage of every product sold by Firsty goes into a fund designed to help other student athletes take athletic products to market. This platform is also being used to partner with other organizations, like USSSA, to establish student athlete college scholarship programs.

Firsty Athlete Co. is a brand by student athletes for student athletes. Basketball, football, wrestling, volleyball, skiing, CrossFit, cheerleading, softball, baseball, track, soccer… we know what it takes.