The Firsty Platform is our way of making an impact on the world around us by donating proceeds from all of our sales to fund educational opportunities and equality at home and abroad.


To Move Mountains is a Christ-centered organization that provides education to people in war-torn communities. They believe that educating the underprivileged in developing countries will help them to improve their own situation, inspire competent leaders to achieve better governance, and benefit their larger communities by investing in social capital.

Their scholarship program allows 25 students from Nuba to attend a high performing school in Uganda, removing them from the conflict that is taking place in their communities so that they can receive a better education. These students are selected through a competitive academic process and committed to returning to Nuba to teach after they graduate

A portion of Firsty’s proceeds goes to fund these educational programs. To learn more, visit


We have pioneered a path for other student athletes to create products that impact their game because we know student athletes aren’t just brawn, but brains.


The Firsty Platform is Hailey’s passionate vision becoming a reality. As a 15 year old student athlete, she desired her journey to inspire other student athletes to innovate, create, and impact the sports they love.

A portion of every sale Firsty Athlete Co. makes goes into the Firsty Platform which is designated to help other student athletes take their idea for a product to market. It’s about student athletes developing new products for other student athletes.

It’s Shark Tank, but for student athletes.

We are also working with other companies and organizations like USSSA™ to provide college scholarships for student athletes looking to focus their education on athletic product development. These organizations hand select recipients based on academics, sport participation, community involvement, and character.



Are you a student athlete with an idea for a new product?

  • Simply submit the form on this page to start a process. It is important to note that all student athletes must have a parent or guardian listed in their initial submitted form.
  • Once the form is submitted, Firsty Athlete Co. will send a Non-Disclosure agreement to you. This means your idea is safe and we can’t share it or use it.
  • From there you will have the opportunity to present your idea to Hailey and the Firsty team through a video. If selected, our team will walk you through each step to making your dream a reality. That’s what the Firsty Platform is all about!

Your Product


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