Align Eight™ | First Look for Hailey Cox

On September 5th, 2019, Co-Founder Hailey Cox gets her first look at a production Align Eight™.

Channel 5 WCYB | Hailey Cox Invents The Align Eight™

News story aired on Channel 5 WCYB by Heather Williams focusing on Hailey Cox and her invention, the Align Eight™. Originally posted to Facebook by WCYB, the video received 300,000 views in 4 days.

Align Eight™ Installation with Firsty™ HYPRGRIP Premium Bat Tape

A simple tutorial video of how to install an Align Eight™ on a bat handle with Firsty™ HYPRGRIP Premium Bat Tape.

Unpacking the Align Eight

The all new Align Eight™ – the next generation of custom grip technology for ⚾️?. Co-created by 15 year old student athlete Hailey Cox, approved for all high school and NCAA play. Powered by USSSA.

The Next Generation in Custom Bat Grip Performance

Co-creator, Hailey Cox, puts the Align Eight™ to work in an evening batting practice session. Get your hands right everytime, feel the leverage of your natural grip shape. Powered by USSSA ?⚾️??

Align Eight™ Tutorial | The Next Generation in Custom Bat Grip Performance

Co-Creator and Firsty™ Co-Founder, Tim Cox Jr, walks you through unpacking and installing the Align Eight™. ?⚾️ This 10 minute video has a lot of useful information for you if you’ve purchased an Align Eight™ or are thinking about trying out this new piece of technology.

Align Eight Install with Firsty HYPRGRIP Tape

Part of our 8 Days of Align Eight Giveaway, Tim breaks down how to install the Align Eight™ with a great GoPro view. The next generation of performance grip technology for your bat. As seen on D-Bats and PlateCrate. Powered by USSSA.

How the Align Eight Works

Check out this 3D animated video showing how the Align Eight™ works! From opening the packaging to installation – this video covers the bases.

Align Eight™ Tutorial | The Next Generation in Performance Bat Grip Technology

The official HYPE video on the Align Eight™ shout in the Neva Commons with Hailey and some local ball players. It’s about as American as it gets!